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3DSMAX視覺室內設計及建築效果及工程繪圖班(8 lessons)

實體班/ 線上班 同步進行

課程內容 Outline

(Physical/ Online available) 3DSMAX視覺室內設計及建築效果及工程繪圖班 Visualization of interior and architectural design and engineering drawing classes 這門課程涉及教授 3dsmax 室內和建築繪圖的基本技巧,包括室內設計和建築繪製以及渲染細節。 The course is related to teach about the 3dsmax interior and construction drawing basic drawing, related to draw the interior design and building drawing and rendering details. Lesson01: 繪製基本室內家具和照明組件(使用基本的 3dsmax 線條或幾何形狀進行繪製)Draw the Basic Interior Furniture and Lighting Component (using the basic 3dsmax line or geometry to draw) Lesson02: 繪製基本櫥櫃家具和沙發(使用基本的幾何形狀和布爾運算進行繪製)Draw the Basic Cabinet Furniture and Sofa (Using the Basic Geometry and Boolean to draw) Lesson03: 繪製基本室內空間-第一部分(約 500 到 700 平方英尺)Draw the Basic Interior Flat-part1 (Around 500 to 700sq feet around) Lesson04: 繪製基本室內空間-第二部分(內部組件)Draw the Basic Interior Flat-part2 (The Inside Component) Lesson05: 照明和渲染設置。Lighting and Rendering Setup Lesson06: 繪製建築結構-第一部分。Draw the Building Structure-part1 Lesson07: 繪製建築結構-第二部分。Draw the Building Structure-part 2 Lesson08: 建築動畫和景觀渲染設置。Building Animation and Setup the Building Rendering and landscape-making 課堂特色: +PhysicalClass線下真人班- 真人課堂即時解答學習困難。 +Online Zoom線上同步進行- 即使未能親身到課室都可以一齊上堂。 +課堂錄影分享- 無論線上或線下的同學都可以重溫學習內容。 課程適合對象: 想為進入室內設計行業鋪路的同學, 想學習更快聰明的建模技巧,想強化室內設計技巧及竅門, 想製作出專業的3D效果圖。For those who want to pave the way for entering the interior design industry, want to learn faster and smarter modeling skills, want to strengthen interior design skills and tricks, and want to produce professional 3D renderings. 時間: 逢星期五晚 香港時間7PM-10PM (HKTime Zoon)

課堂日子 Date

  • 1,300 港元
  • Kwai Hing Classroom

取消政策 Cancelling Policy

課程一經下訂不設取消。如有問題可whatsapp 97859264查詢。 Once a course is booked, it cannot be canceled. Any questions, please contact admin via whatsapp. 如遇狂風暴雨,紅雨,黑雨等惡劣天氣, 課堂將會延期,實際安排會以whatsapp 群組公報為準。 In the event of violent storms, red rain, black rain and other severe weather, the class will be postponed. The actual arrangement will be subject to the WhatsApp group announcement. 請務必參閱[課前準備及電腦配置須知] Please check the course instructions carefully and be sure your computer specifications is compatible.

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